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I am completing this project with Connor Madsen (connorwoohoo.wikispaces.com ).



What are the design specifications? (Write the assignment requirements

  1. Your bridge should cross over an index card
  2. Your bridge should be 5 - 6 inches high
  3. Your bridge should 4 - 5 inches wide
  4. Your bridge should hold at least 100 pounds
  5. You get one handful of popsicle sticks

2. List the information you gathered and where you gathered it from
below: (List at least three)
Information Where
Bridges that are wide on the top and bottom, but narrow in the middle, are stronger. HowStuffWorks
Triangles are the most structurally sound shape. Student Ideas
Do everything you can from preventing your bridge from leaning. eHow

3. Describe/draw at least three brainstorming ideas for you bridge:

4. Which solution are you going to use? (Choose from #3)
Bridge #1.

5. List at least one success with your bridge:

6. List at least one troubleshooting problem with your bridge:

7. Did your solution solve the problem?

8. What worked well with your design?

9. What did not work well with your design?

10. What would you do differently next time?