This is our circuit assignment.
This is my circuit.

This is a side view of my circuit.

This is my circuit at Yosemite Falls.

This is my circuit as a comic book.

And, finally, this is my circuit as pop art.

Woo hoo. Questions!
  • Did you like making both circuits?
  • Yes, I did like making both of my circuits.
  • Did both of your circuits work?
  • Both of our circuits worked very well.

  • What did you like least about circuits?
  • I didn't like it when we soldered a hole shut, so we had to melt the solder to get the piece through, and that got the piece burning hot. I now have about a dozen burns on my fingers from that experience.
  • What did you like the best about circuits?
  • I liked driving Ms. Bradfield nuts with our alarm.
  • Explain how circuits apply to the real world:
  • Electricians use circuits all the time. Heck, even we do. Every time we turn something on, that is a circuit.