Circuits Tech 3

Area of Interaction: Environments

Significant Concepts: Basic circuits

Unit Question: How have circuits impacted our environments?

Define the following:
1. Voltage: Electromotive force or potential difference.
2. Current: Flow of electricity.
3. Resistance: The current is resisted, resulting in heat.
4. Circuit: A complete loop of electrical current.
5. Transistors: A device that amplifies a current.
6. LEDs: A semiconductor diode that emits light when conducting current.
7. Capacitor: A device for accumulating and holding electricity.
8. Resistor: A device that introduces resistance.
9. Switch: A device for turning on or off a circuit.
10. Digital Electronics: Electronics that use gates and binary to form an integrated circuit.
11. Integrated Circuit: Many circuits connected to one another.
12. Binary Code: A code that uses zeroes and ones to control digital electronics.

Spend two day creating snap circuits.
13. How many circuits did you make? (You need to make at least 6 circuits) 3
14. What was your favorite circuit? The UFO flyer
15. Did you like the snap circuits? Explain why: Yes, they were fun and easy.

Spend 4 days making your bug circuit.
16. Did your circuit work? No, one wheel didn't turn.
17. Did you like making the bug circuit? Explain why: It was fun, but it was hard.
18. How have circuits impacted our environment? Everything that uses computers has circuits, and almost everything has computers.

How you will be graded:
Answering Questions: +25
Snap Circuits: +30
Bug Circuit: +30
Total: 85