These are my design cycle notes. This is the abbreviated version. For the full version, follow this link.

1: Investigate.
a. Identify the need.
b. Develop the design brief/folder.
c. List the steps to accomplish your goal.
a. Research and brainstorm.
b. Plan a product/solution.
3. Create:
a. Use appropriate techniques and equipment.
b. Follow the plan.
c. Create the product/solution.
4. Evaluate:
a. Evaluate the product/solution.
b. Evaluate your use of the design cycle.
5. How can you use the design cycle in other classes?
a. Science.
b. History.
c. Math
6. How can you use the design cycle in real world situations?
a. Figuring out how to get a rubber duck out of the middle of a lake.
b. College.
c. Designing anything.