The Design Cycle

The Design Cycle--How is the design cycle important to the successful outcome of a project?
Fist step is to investigate.
  1. Identify the need.
  2. Deliver the DESIGN BRIEF--this is your explanation for the problems, and the resources you have to solve the problem.
  3. Formulate a design specification--(design brief continued) list the steps to accomplish your project.
Second step to plan.
  1. Design a product/solution--research and brainstorm.
  2. Plan a product/solution--choose your best idea, create steps to achieve your goal.
Third step to create.
  1. Use appropriate techniques and equipment.
  2. Follow your plan--troubleshoot when you need to.
  3. Create the product/solution.
The fourth step is to evaluate.
  1. Evaluate the product/solution.
  2. Evaluate how well you used the design cycle.
How can you use the design cycle in other classes?
  1. List 3 examples.
  • Science project
  • Writing a story
  • Word problems
How can you use the design cycle in real world situations?
  1. List 3 examples.
  • Architects
  • Mechanic
  • Movie Maker