And now, presenting...



Photo_2.jpgFigure 1
Photo_1.jpg Figure 2

Photo_4.jpgFigure 3
Photo_5.jpg Figure 4
Photo_6.jpg Figure 5
Pretty cool, eh?
Notice the strings of glue, and the bits of straws in figure 4. That's why we called it the Spider.

Now, we have to do the boring part of the assignment: answering questions.

Okay, so, the Design Cycle is the secret to every good product in the world. It is made up of four parts: investigate, plan, create, evaluate. We used the design cycle to make our egg drop.
Our project was this: so, first, we made a cube out of straws (figures 1 & 2). Next, we made an egg cage that could slide open and shut in order to accommodate the egg (figure 3). We glued it in the cube (figure 3), and made triangles in the cube to absorb shock better (figure 1 & 2). Then, with the strings of glue , we decided that it looked like a spiderweb, so we made more strings of glue and bits of straws as flies (figure 4). Voila!!! Our project is complete (figure 5)!!!

Was our design successful?
It survived the first drop, but the egg cage broke, so it died on the second one.
How could we improve our egg drop?
We could make the egg cage stronger by doubling up the straws.
What part of our design would we use again?
We would use the cube.