Area of Interaction: Community and Service
Significant Concept: An understand of the Design Cycle and movie software.
Unit Question: How can my knowledge help others at home, in my community, and school?

Design Specifications:
-Create 3 movies about the learner profile (TOPBRRICCK)
-Your movie needs to be about 30 seconds long
-In your movie, you need to explain one definition from the learner profile
-I am not including a requirement for sound effects, music, or titles. However, I expect you to add them where they naturally fit!
-Use different camera angles to make your videos look outstanding!
-This is due March 1.
-You will be graded on the Design Cycle and your project. You will receive an MYP and academic grade.

Completely explain the problem and its relevance to your life.
1. Explain the problem.
We need to make 3 videos demonstrating 3 of the TOP BRRICCK Learner Profiles.
2. How does the problem apply to you?
This problem applies to us because we use the TOP BRRICCK principles every day.

Critically investigate the problem and evaluate information from a variety of appropriate sources.
3. Are you going to use Final Cut or iMovie? Explain why.
We are going to use Final Cut because it is more advanced, it is a good skill to have, and it looks professional.

Create a range of possible designs, and evaluate all of them against the design specifications (requirements).
4. What ideas do you have for your movie? List all of them!
Zach doesn't want to do something stupid, then he does, and something bad happens. (Principled)
Someone working at a computer when the power goes out, walks down a dark hall, gets tackled, chooses death by shooting, stabbing, or electrocution, choosing shooting, fades to black as a shot rings out. (Thinker)
Three people are arguing in different languages and trying to understand each other. (Communicators)
A person planning a wedding accidentally meets up with a funeral planner in a park. (Communicators)
A person experiences "positive peer pressure." (Principled)
Four teenagers try to document the famed "Blair Stucki" (Communicators)

5. Do your ideas meet the requirements?
They meet the requirements.

Choose the best design and evaluate it fully against the design specifications (requirements).
6. How did you choose your final ideas?
We decided to use the first four ideas. We liked the first one because it would be fun to mess around with Mark, we liked the second because it was pretty classic humor, and the last two we liked because we had seen a skit about the same thing before and it was something we really liked.
7. Did you check to make sure your final ideas met all the requirements?
Yes we did.

Create a plan that contains a number of detailed, logical steps that describes how you will use your resources and time.
8. How are you going to get this movie done by March 1? We will film our first scene the first few days, then Braden will work on editing the videos, then after we finish the first video, we will film the second over the weekend at Braden's house. After editing that one, we will spend the most time filming the third scene.
9. When will you shoot your videos? The videos will be shot during and after school, giving us enough time to film.
10. When will you edit the videos? The vidoes will be edited during school because no one will be able to use final cut outside of school.
11. What titles and effects are you going to add? Basic video transitions, Title and credits.
12. What camera angles are you going to use? Almost every angle exept arial.
Evaluate the plan and justify any changes to your design.
13. Do all of your videos meet all of the requirements?
14. Do you need to change anything in the plan, because it doesn't meet all the requirements?

Skillfully use appropriate techniques and equipment.
15. Were you responsible? Explain.
Yes, but we occasionaly got off task.

Follow your plan, justify changes in the plan, and create an appropriate product using your resources and time.
16. Did you follow your plan?
Yes, we did.
17. Did you change your plan?
Yes, we decided to have Zach go into the locker instead of Mark.
18. Did you use your time wisely?
Yes, except we got off task a little.
19. Did you make great videos?
Heck yes.
20. How many videos did you make?
We made three.

Evaluate your product based on the design specifications, results of testing, and feedback from self and others.
21. Did your movies meet all of the requirements? Explain.
Yes, they did. They were at least thirty seconds long and followed the learner profile.
22. What did your friends think about your movies?
They thought they were great, especially "The Blair Stucki Project."

You were consistently motivated and respectful.
23. Were you always motivated and respectful?
Yes, we were, especially at the end.
24. Were responsible with my cameras and computers? Explain.
Yes, we were, except for one day when we played games.

Unit Question:
25. How can my knowledge help others at home, in my community, and school?

Knowledge is easy to spread. When you gain some knowledge, you are able to pass it onto others. You may help your

parents or any other member of your family with something at home. You may be able to solve a problem to make people

in your community happy and improve people's lives. I use my knowledge almost every day helping people in school. The

knowledge you gain is easy to pass on and you can do it anywhere.

Note: Because everything went wrong that could go wrong, and part of it was Ms. Bradfield's fault, we only have two

videos. One of them is like ten minutes long though, so it's cool.