1. How does the Design Cylce apply to a rocket scientist?

A rocket scientist has to use the design cycle a lot so that he doesn't hurt people.

2. How are rockets able to fly? (I have the answer for you in your instruction booklet.)

They use fuel that allow them to break the bonds of gravity.

3. Answer the Design Brief questions below:

4. How has flight impacted your environment?

I can get everywhere faster than ever.

5. How has technology impacted our environment?

We use technology for everything we do.


- Follow the steps in your instruction booklet.

- You have 5 days, including today, to finish your rocket.


- Use the scissors, glue and all the materials for your rocket appropriately.

- Follow the instruction booklet.

- Follow ALL my directions when we are outside with the rockets.

- Be VERY careful with the rocket engine.


6. Did you follow all the steps in your instruction booklet?

7. Did your rocket fly?

8. List one success with your rocket:

9. List one problem you had with your rocket.

10. What would you do differently next time?

11. Reflect on all the steps of the Design Cycle. What did you do well? What do you need to improve?





12. Were you responsible and safe with your rocket?

13. Did you follow all my rules in the classroom?

14. Did you follow all my rules while we were outside?

15. How has flight impacted your environment?

16. What grade do you deserve on this unit? (1 - 6)


17. Reflect on your attitude on each step of the Design Cycle. Did you completely answer each step without complaining, being a whiny baby, or saying "it's too hard".

18. Did you have a good attitude while you were creating your rocket? Explain.

19. What grade do you deserve on your attitude? (1 - 6)