Standard 1 Notes

Technology: The correct use of tools.
Technology should make life easier and/or help us have fun.
Technology should improve our lives.
Does technology always make life easier or fun? Why? No.
  1. It makes us lazy.
  2. It's addicting.
  3. It can be dangerous (i.e. weapons).
  4. It's wasteful.
  5. It can give us false information.
Ergonomics: Designing objects that help people with their jobs, environment, sports, safety, or anything that involves people.
System: An organized way to achieve a goal.
A system includes 4 parts:
  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. Process
  4. Feedback
All systems have a trade-off.
  1. Intended outcome.
  2. Unintended outcome.
Science: Focuses on the natural world.
Technology also includes inventions and innovations.
Invention: A new product.
Innovations: Improving an existing product.
Technology should use resources efficiently.
The 4 R's:
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Renew
  • Recycle
Agricultural Age: Up to the 1700's. People had things like wooden plows.
Industrial Age: 1700's-1950's. People had things like factories and steam engines.
Information Age: 1950's-Present. People started using computers.
  1. Made the sharing of information faster and more organized.
  2. Sharing information has made inventions and innovations happen faster.
Digital Electronics:
  • Uses binary code (0'sand 1's) to program computers.
  • Allows us to move a ton of information at one time.
Natural Resources: Not man-made.
Synthetic Resources: Man-made materials.