Standard 2 Notes

Terms to know when building a product
Design Cycle
  1. Investigate
  2. Plan
  3. Create
  4. Evaluate
  1. Does not need to be the same size.
  2. A representation of the real thing.
Appearance Model
  1. A model that only shows what the final product will look like.
  1. It is a test model.
  2. It looks and works just like the real product.
  3. Created to test the product before people can buy it.
  1. Deals with color, style, and shape.
  2. People want to by things if it looks cool.
Life Cycle
  1. Products need to be realistic in purpose and cost.
  2. Does the cost fit the durability of a product.
  1. People want to buy a product because it's cool, makes life easier, or it's a necessity.
  1. How long a product lasts.
  2. If you pay more money, the product should be more durable.
Keep all your work/projects in a portfolio.
  1. A collection of illustrations, videos, photographs, and data that shows the work that went into a project.
When building a product need to have a good work ethic.
  1. Be responsible, cooperative, dependable.
  2. Have integrrity, be honest, be punctual.
  3. Don't be helpless!